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Foodies of the Capital Region! Your source for news, events, and reviews of all things food. 

CRFoodies is an independently run site with all content created by food loving people in and around the Capital Region.  Our reviews are unbiased, and written from individual perspectives, neither swayed nor influenced by any restaurant or purveyor.  Comments on the site are moderated, but all non-offensive comments will be approved and displayed.  If you are interested in writing reviews for the site, please create an account, and you will have the ability to submit news, events, or reviews.

We'd love to hear from you! To suggest a restaurant to review, an event to attend, or any other Capital Region foodie related information, visit our contact page or visit us on Facebook and drop us a line.

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About Us

brian Brian moved to the Capital Region in 2000. Brian enjoys going out to new restaurants with a small group of friends and tries to order the dish the place is best known for.  His favorite dish is a risotto, and will always try it if he sees one on the menu.  He is also a fan of sushi, and has been to most of the sushi restaurants in the Albany area.  Brian enjoys food pairings with a glass of wine and often travels to Napa, Sonoma or the Finger Lakes to try different wines.

Josie has lived in the capital region for 8 years, during which time her exposure to various foods began. Since then, Josie's palate had begun leaning towards the new, and exciting; the adventurous and rarely tried. She brings to CRFoodies, her love of food, her desire for flavor, and how they all come together in a complete dining, foodie, or festival experience.


Kent was born and raised in the Capital Region and thinks he has been dining out for 35 years.    Kent enjoys taking pictures of food and is the beer specialist of the group.  He generally orders the most unusual offering on the menu, or at least something he cannot attempt to cook on his own. His favorite "Must Try" suggestion to others is Ali Baba in Troy, NY.  Two of his "Most Missed" places to eat in the Capital Region are Shades of Green and Taste of Greece, both of which used to be on Lark Street.  His favorite food is generally Seafood, but that changes seasonally.