North Country BBQ

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North Country BBQ recently opened about 6 months in Schenectady.  I had heard some good things so we decided to give it a try for dinner.

Fare here is your traditional BBQ food.  We wanted to try a variety of things, so we both ordered combination platters (comes with two meats, two sides, and a biscuit - $14 (3 meats for $16)).  I went with pulled pork and ribs with sides of mac and cheese and sweet potato tots.  The pulled pork was amazing.  Tender and juicy, with a good flavor.  The ribs were also good, nice and tender, but I wish it had a 'bark' on it.  The flavors were great, but a crunch would have made it even better.  The mac and cheese was a traditional home-made baked mac and cheese.  Great flavors, and still creamy.  Sweet potato tots were nice and crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside.  They still had the sweet potato flavor you would expect.  They were served with a raspberry sauce that I didn't think was needed.  I have a hard time thinking of anything negative on my plate, it was all done quite well.

My dining partner ordered the pulled pork and brisket with sweet potato tots and bacon ranch potato salad.  Her brisket looked like it was thrown in a microwave to heat it up, so it came out dry and chewy.  She still liked the flavor, but I didn't even finish the piece I was given to try.  The potato salad was done well.  All the advertised flavors were there and no one of them overpowered the others.  The biscuits were fresh out of the oven, still warm, flaky, and fluffy.

There were three different house-made BBQ sauces on the table.  I kept going between each one, trying to figure out which I liked better.  It was a draw, they were all really good.   When we first walked in, we were greeted, but it was unclear whether we should order first, or seat ourselves.  We decided to order since there was absolutely no guidance.  The lady that took our order was nice, but was unable to give any recommendations ("Everything's good").  Even when I pressed "Would you recommend the brisket or the ribs?", she wasn't able to give an answer, making me think she wasn't overly familiar with the menu.

Great food, with an overcooked brisket and some minor service issues earns North Country BBQ a 4 fork rating.  Give it a try, it's good BBQ.

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Pulled Pork and Ribs Pulled Pork and Brisket