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Bacon Bash

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O'tooles held their "Bacon Bash part deux" on Nov. 17th.  The event was co-sponsored by Rock 100.9.

Highlighting the night was a special menu featuring bacon, including bacon martinis, bacon wrapped hotdogs, and more traditional bacon dishes such as BLTs and bacon cheeseburgers.  They were also giving out 1 pound of bacon from the meat house every 10 minutes.  Oh, and of course they had bacon dipped in chocolate.

I went with a few of my friends, we all ordered the bacon wrapped deep fried hot dogs, and we were mildly disappointed that they just fried the hotdog then put a slice of bacon on top, but it was still good.  I had to try the bacon martini, which because of my very low expectations was surprisingly drinkable, but I would probably never get it again.

It was a fun event that everyone got into, the manager walking around was excited about the event, and friendly.  He made sure to give pig noses to all the kids he saw.  They had staff walking around giving out samples of bacon, and after our meal they came and gave out chocolated dipped bacon (normally costs $2).  It was a fun excuse to go out and eat bacon.

Click 'more' below to view more pictures from the event.  Including the event's mascot, Willie, a pig.

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 Bacon Bash Menu  Bacon Martini  Pork slap beer  Bacon giveaway!  I won

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Bacon deep fried hotdogs Free bacon samples Who brings a pig to a bacon event?

And of course bacon dipped in chocolate:

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