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2013 Mac and Cheese Bowl Review

3rd Annual Mac N-0026

Today was the 4th annual Mac and Cheese bowl as a fundraiser for the Capital Region Food Bank.  All three foodies went to this event, and we all had our own top favorites.  This was the same venue as last year, and the turn out was incredible.  There were over 40 restaurants participating with their own unique take on the traditional mac and cheese dish.  Participants were asked to rank their top three choices, each of our votes are below.

The event is so popular, I think each time slot has more people than the room it is held in can support, it was a bit tight, even tighter than I remember it being last year.  With the large attendance the room was a little hard to navigate, but there is plenty of time to hit every table, so it is just a mild inconvenience, not a limiting factor.  The bigger issue is standard courtesy from other patrons.  The standard move was to get your sample, and immediately stop and eat it so that no one else could get to the table.  That isn't the organizers fault, but putting some tables in the middle may help alleviate the issue.  Garbage cans were more prevalent this year, and incredibly well maintained, there was never a full one.

At $20 / per person, it is a bargain for all the samples you get, and you get to help out the food bank.

Our Votes:

Brian:  Uncle Marty's (buffalo M&C), Druthers (not sure what it was, but amazing.. possibly fried M&C with bacon), Wolfs 1-11 (Pulled pork M&C)

Josie:  Druthers, Albany Pump Station (Cheeseburger M&C), Wolfs 1-11

Kent: Mariott (Sam Adams and Brisket M&C), Hannaford (M&C Bar - make your own), Slidin' Dirty (M&C with salsa and avocado)


EDIT: Official Results: 

Participant voting: 

1st - Druthers Brewing, with their deep fried triple pork nuggets

2nd - Albany Pump Station, with their pump station burger

3rd - Mazzone Hospitatility, with their 7-hour cherry pepper pork

Best Display - Hannaford

Judges Choice Winner:  Comfort Kitchen, with their butternut squash


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