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Sciortino's (closed)

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Sciortinos opened up in the former location of Miss Albany.  It had a soft opening about two weeks ago, and on the recommendation of a friend, I decided to try it out with her.

If you were ever at Miss Albany, then you are already familiar with parking and seating in the restaurant.  Parking is all on the street, but there is plenty and at worst you will just have to walk a little bit.   Seating is not ideal, there are only 6 booths, and bar seating.

We started our meal with Uncle Frank's tomato salad - $6.  It was refreshing with a great flavor.  For our entrees, I ordered the 'Baked Hats' with meatballs - $11.  The dish was basically a large ziti type dish with a pasta that was slightly thicker.  The sauce they use is very good, it is a meat sauce that is a little sweet, and not too acidic.  There was a ton of cheese on the dish, which was great.  I think there was a bit too much sauce on it, and because the pasta was thicker than I'm used to, i was a bit more al dente than I would normally like.  The meatballs were also very good, with a very mild spice.  I would have preferred a little more meat in the meat sauce, but it was a very good dish that I would order again.   My friend ordered the chicken parm - $9.  It was a classical dish with a typical presentation.  The chicken was cooked well with a nice breading and the sauce again made the dish better.  There wasn't that much spaghetti with the dish, but like the baked hats, the dish was very large, so it wasn't really an issue.

For dessert, we split a brownie sundae.  It had hot fudge and a raspberry sauce on it.  Again, a very good dish.  I was a little disappointed that an Italian restaurant didn't offer cannoli's or tiramisu for dessert, but they did have several types of cakes from local businesses.

Sciortinos also has a large pizza menu, and I saw a few orders go out, it is very large slice (bigger than the plate) so I will have to try that next time I'm in the area.

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Tomato Salad
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IMG 20121017 173940

Chicken Parm

Baked Hats