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Dallas Hot Wieners

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What can I say about a new place that features Hot Dogs?  Especially when [generally speaking] each and every one of us likes our hot dogs prepared or topped a different way, or still others that do not like eating hot dogs at all...

I can tell you that Dallas Hot Weiners puts out a good tasting and fast meal with an abundance of menu choices for a relatively small space, with good prices and very good service.

First, the Setting and the Location of this new diner-like fast food fixer, which hails from Kingston, NY, is in the Times Union Center, or as I still call it the Pepsi Arena or better yet, the Knick.  The inside eating area is small, with about three tables of 2 or 3 seats each and then two different counters with stools.  One counter is normal waist height and faces the grill and the fryers, which has about a dozen or so unmoveable stools.  The second counter is about half the length,  but much higher and is going along the back wall with about five or six  higher stools.  There are a few tables in an outside seating area and also a takeout window built into the wall and windows in front.

Before Arriving, I knew I'd be trying the hot dogs and sauce, but that isn't the best thing about this place.  After many visits and trying several different food items, I must conclude that the steak sandwich is the best thing on the menu.  The steak sandwich is real steak strips grilled on an open flamed grill and then topped with your choice of fixings and cheese on a fresh Kaiser-like hamburger bun.  I added fried onions and cheese to my order. 

The next things you should know about the food choices at Dallas Hot Weiners is that they serve breakfast all day long.  Additionally, they have milkshakes, ice cream, and deserts on the menu and offer their hot dog sauce for sale to go.  They also usually have a soup of the day and deli sandwiches written on a chalkboard menu, both of which are not listed on the online menu or the paper to-go menus.

Overall the food is good and consistent.  The Hot Dogs taste good and they offer the standards for toppings:  sauce, onions raw or fried, cheese, and the normal other condiments offered with dogs. The french fries are skinny and tasty, salted appropriately and the prices on the menu are reasonable.  I would give the service 5 out of 5 forks, the food taste, quality and price a 3.5 and the atmosphere a 3.  Depending on what you order, a sandwich or meal generally runs you around $5 or 6 dollars and a dollar or two more if you get a drink or an extra dog or side.


Online Menu:

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 Two Loaded Dallas Hot Weiner Dogs                                                           Grilled Steak Sandwich