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After a fantastic weekend in Saratoga, my sister and I wanted to have brunch before we headed home. Ravenous, a crepery on Phila Street, came highly recommended by the locals and the internet. A few people we met the night before strongly advised us to go as early as possible because it fills up fast. And right they were. We arrived at the restaurant 20 minutes after it opened, just in time to grab the last table. Ravenous is a cozy spot, with limited table seating, and room to sit along the windows and at the counter. Unfortunately service was a bit disorganized. On arriving, it is unclear if you should sit down or wait to be seated, since there is no signage for guidance. Several diners who arrived after us were ignored for several minutes while the staff ran around -- until they attempted to sit at a recently vacated table and were told that it had already been reserved by another party by phone. Frankly, I’m surprised they stepped outside and continued to wait. From the time we were sat till the time we had our drinks took about 11 minutes. The servers were very nice, but extremely harried.

Luckily, the food was excellent. We were very torn between the sweet and savory menus, and in the end my sister opted for savory and I decided I needed to try both. You only live once, right? I chose the Zorba the Greek Crepe, which was filled with spinach, feta, scrambled eggs, tomato, onions and fresh basil. The filling was perfectly portioned, and the crepe was surprisingly savory in of itself, and not just a vehicle for the filling. It was really tasty. My sister chose the Lumber Jack crepe containing scrambled eggs, bacon and cheddar, which she deemed excellent. Almost better than the crepes was the homemade pommes frites and the selection of dipping sauces available. We had ours with the BBQ Mayo and the Mango Chutney, which was surprisingly creamy. The pommes frites were delicious and the sauces were good enough to eat with a spoon. For dessert, we ordered the Lemon Blossom crepe, filled with their house made lemon curd and topped with whipped cream. I was happy to see that they use sweeter and fluffier version of the crepe batter for their sweet crepes. And when I tried my first bite of the filling, I was in heaven. It is, far and away, the best lemon curd I’ve ever had.

If you have the time and the patience to wait, the food at Ravenous is excellent. But make no mistake, you’ll be waiting outside, so you definitely don’t want to go on a day that calls for rain. I give them 2 forks for service, but 5 for food. Since the food is the ultimate focus, I compromised on 4 forks and being an impatient person by nature, I doubt I’ll return.


Zorba the Greek Crepe



  4fork      cost5-15