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Simply Grille

simply grilleSimply Grille is a Persian restaurant located on Central Ave near Route 155.  It is in place of an old Starbucks.

Their menu is quite simple, you chose a kebob (chicken, beef, ground beef, or lamb) and it comes with basmati rice (a ton of it), and grilled tomatoes.  Prices range from $6.99 for the chicken to $8.99 for the lamb.

I asked the chef for his recommendation, he said his favorite was the lamb, but most customers like chicken or ground beef.  So I went with the chicken.  It comes with a ton of rice but just one or two small pieces of tomato.  The rice was good, there was a seasoning on the table that gave it an even better flavor, and I found that putting butter on it made it creamier and better.  But it is still rice, and kind of boring when you have that much of it.  The chicken was cooked well, still nice and juicy and was seasoned with a citrus flavor.

Josie had his (the chef) favorite, the lamb.  The chicken I had ordered was cooked well, but the lamb was cooked perfectly.  Incredibly moist and seasoned, but still maintaining the lamb flavor.  It was truly amazing.  Again, this dish had tons of rice and a few tomatoes, but the lamb was the clear star of the dish.

The chef greeted us when we walked in and explained the menu, he was quite nice and very friendly.  The server they had was also very nice, explaining anything we had questions about.  She was also wearing a headset, so I believe they have a drive thru, although it wasn't overly apparent to us while we where there.

It was good food, for a good price.  I'd go back, but not the type of place I'd tell a friend they absolutely had to go to.


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