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Xin Fu


Xin Fu is located on Route 7 in Latham, inside a pseudo strip mall, next to a Subway. You won't miss the building though, as it's situated closest to the road.

I stopped by for lunch, and was less than impressed. In times past, for dinner, their good quality sushi was usually showcased by wonderfully artistic designs, hand-drawn using their special sauces. Unfortunately, it seems that technique doesn't carry over for lunch.

On this visit I ordered the kani shumai ($5), and ebi gyoza ($5) appetizers and followed up with a freeman roll ($10.00) and sunset roll ($9). The shumai were not good at all. I've tasted some shumai in my time, even some from this restaurtant during a dinner visit long ago. So there are flavors, and a consistency, I expect. The consistency here was off putting, and I couldn't finish it.

The gyoza were cooked okay, but could have been crispier on the outside. The filling inside lacked flavor, and I don't recall there being the dipping sauce that normally comes with it. The sushi rolls were decent, but they just lacked in extra flavor that I expect sushi rolls to have. The sunset roll was the tastiest of the two, but nothing that would bring be back for a second visit. The freeman roll had asparagus on the inside, which wasn't listed on the menu.

Service was lacking. It took several minutes, after I had finished my meal, for me to get the attention of the wait staff in order to pay. They weren't very attentive at all. From what I observed, it looked like their lunch focus was really on a sub par Chinese buffet station situated towards the front of the restaurant. I'd had high hopes, but they fell flat. The only saving grace here was that the fish was fresh.

IMAG0152 IMAG0154
Ebi Gyoza Freeman Roll (top) and Sunset Roll (bottom)