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Grandma's (Pies)

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Grandma's is located on Central Avenue, closest to Fuller Road. Most people know Grandma's for their pies. Our visit, however, was for breakfast which they serve until 11AM.

The decor of Grandma's is just horrendous. I'm sorry, but it is. It takes the "granma's house" cliche and just does bad things to it. The carpet is beyond dark, and doesn't match the curtains. The chairs don't match, and there are decorations strewn for several holidays gone by (July 4th, Easter, and Christmas most noticeably), and that's not mentioning the random couch in the dining room.

If you can get past the decor, the food is "okay."

I ordered Cinnamon Swirl French Toast with Bacon, and Brian ordered the "Granny's Special" with scrambled eggs, and sausage. It took longer to actually put our order in, than it did for the meal to arrive.

My French Toast dish was skimpy to say the least. It was almost as if I had 3 end pieces on my plate. I'm glad I didn't order the short stack. The flavor was "okay." Nothing special, but passable. I attribute that to the flavor of the cinnamon swirl bread (what little there was on my plate). The crust was also very hard. The bacon was just this side shy of being jerky, and had very little salty bacony flavor.

Brian's dish was better executed. The sausage was cooked perfectly, and was flavorful. The eggs were cooked very well, but lacked any sort of flavor. The potatoes were perfectly tender, but unevenly seasoned and came with a boat load of onions that weren't described anywhere. The toast, though, was buttered well. Which, while it sounds like that shouldn't be a highlighted thing, we've found that very few establishments do this.

Our waitress, while nice, was very slow. It took a while for her to come to the table. It took a while for our beverage orders. It took a while for the check, and she left before even bothering to tell us to pay up front.

A very mediocre experience overall.

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"Grandma's Special"

Cinnamon Swirl French Toast w/ Bacon