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The Point Cafe

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The Point Cafe is located in Schenectady.  I had heard good things from people on another review site, so I was excited to give it a try.  Basically, they were wrong.

Service was really bad from the start, it took way to long to seat us.  There were two people working there, one whose job I have to assume was to stare blankly at the wall while I need a drink refill or need the check, and the other who does all the actual work, but you only see her if there is a baby at your table that she finds cute.  It was so bad, other customers were getting up and grabbing stuff off the storage area because you never saw a server.

Onto the food:  Josie ordered the strawberry stuffed french toast with a side of bacon.  She got the choice of stuffing it with either cream cheese or cottage cheese in addition to strawberries.  (she chose cream cheese).  First off, it wasn't stuffed.  It was two pieces of french toast with a glob of cream cheese in the middle, and a cold strawberry pie filling topping.  The cream cheese ruined it, so she quickly pulled that off, and the french toast got cold quickly due to the cold topping.  There was nothing special about the dish.

I ordered cinnamon swirl french toast (not pictured) with a side of hash browns.  Basically, it was just french toast made with cinnamon raisin bread.  It was a good bread, but slightly overcooked.  The hash browns were cooked well, but had absolutely zero flavor.

The two entrees with sides and two coffees came to $24, which is pretty high for breakfast for two in the area.  Mediocre food and horrendous service earned The Point Cafe 2 Forks.


IMG 20130427 120955 IMG 20130427 120941
Strawberry 'stuffed' French Toast Hash Browns (Cinnamon French Toast not pictured)