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IMG 20130226 180522Hokkaido recently opened up on Central Ave in place of an old Friendlys.  I went with a friend that was visiting.

I ordered the American Dream roll - Rock shrimp tempura topped with spicy lobster and spicy kani, served with a spicy creamy sauce ($14) and a spicy yellowtail roll ($5.50).  I found the American roll to be a bit disappointing.  The cream sauce on top was strange, almost like they poured a sweet and sour sauce on top of a spicy mayo, it just didn't' work.  The lobster flavor was missing, and all you could taste was shrimp tempura and the strange sauce.  This one was a miss for me.  The yellow tail on the other hand was good.  The fish tasted fresh, and it was a good size.  I also felt the price was reasonable for this roll compared to the American roll which was overpriced at $14 (I would have been ok with $12, but $14 with no actual lobster taste is too high)

My friend ordered the Volcano roll - Shrimp tempura, avocado, spicy tuna, crunchy on top with eel sauce ($12) and a mango with avocado roll ($4.50).  The volcano roll was good, the tempura added a nice crunch.  Overall, it was a nicely balanced roll.  I didn't try the mango and avocado roll, but it was described as a good roll that was creamy but could have used a bit more flavor.

The hamachi side dish was described as quite fresh with a good flavor.

The plates were presented beautifully.  It is uncommon to see a sushi chef take the time to make nice artwork with sauces, and they did a great job.  As you can see in the pictures, the plates are really neat.  Service was fine, although there was the typical language barrier that you see often in a Japanese restaurant.  I wouldn't say Hokkaido is in my top 5 sushi places in the area, but I would probably try it again in the future


IMG 20130226 190408 IMG 20130226 190445
American Dream and Spicy Yellowtail rolls Volcano and mango / avocado rolls
IMG 20130226 190754
Hamachi (Yellowtail)