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Jack's Diner

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Jack's Diner is located on Central Avenue, at the fork (or corner) of Clinton Avenue. It's very easy to miss Jack's, as it's set between a car lot, and an auto body shop. The diner itself, to me, looks to be one of the quintessential streetcar diners. Brian disagrees, saying it's too spacious on the inside. What we did agree on, was that the space was very clean, well kept, and updated (fresh paint, etc).

We had to wait for seating. This wasn't any fault of the service. There were customers, who had long finished their meals, who chose to hold lengthy conversations with each other for roughly 20-30 minutes, and another table taken up by a gentlemen poring thoroughly through the Times Union.

A table finally became available (bear in mind the three tables above were still being occupied, and continued for another 30 minutes), and we were seated. We absolutely loved our server. She had a wonderful sense of humor, as we asked questions about the menu; the key question being whether their corned beef hash was homemade, and did it come with peppers & onions. They do have homemade hash, but it comes with onions. Brian opted out of the hash, but I placed a side order of it anyway, just because.

For breakfast, Brian ordered a Waffle with Strawberries. I ordered the Homemade Cinnamon Raisin Challah French Toast with Bacon (and the hash). There were hits, and there were misses. Brian's waffle was perfectly cooked, but the frozen strawberries (which were listed on the menu as fresh) didn't do good things. The strawberries actually gave the waffle a disintegrating taste. The waffle is much better on its own.

My french toast had good flavor, and I was impressed with the homemade-ness of the cinnamon raisin challah bread. Again though, the batter wasn't soaked through. I suppose this is just a normal thing, and I should get used to it, but there's such a missed opportunity to take french toast from 'okay' to 'amazing.' The bacon was okay (not amazing, but not bad). The corned beef hash, though, was a different story and I find myself conflicted. While it had good flavor, and a nice crust that gave it some texture, the corned beef was shredded so finely, that it didn't hold up in the hash and sort of tasted like baby food. There was no meatyness to the dish. It was all soft potato, and soft corned beef. The crust was not enough to give the texture any chew. So, it was kind of ruined for me.

While the overall meal we would give 3 forks to, the service really put things over the top. Our waitress was fast, friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive. We loved her sense of humor, and would probably return just for her. We were very happy customers.


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Cinnamon Raisin Challah French Toast w/ Bacon Waffle w/ Strawberries & Whipped Cream
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Corned Beef Hash