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We have been on a search for good pasta in the Capital Region lately, so naturally Canali's found it's way onto our list, as they are well known for their homemade pastas.  Canali's is in Schenectady.

We went with another couple, so after the break below, you can see pictures of what they ordered, but since I didn't try them, I won't be commenting on them.

I wanted to try one of their chicken dishes that came with a side of pasta, but they refused to sub fettuccini for whatever non-homemade pasta came with the dish because 'The chef won't do that'.  Maybe I've been watching too much Restaurant Stake Out where they say, "the customer is king", but I thought refusing to do a simple subsitution (I even offered to pay an upcharge) is completely unacceptable.  That was the first negative on the night, but luckily, it was also the only one.

So I cancelled my chicken dish and ordered Fettuccini Alfredo with chicken ($16.99) because, after all, we were on a search for good pasta, not store bought stuff I can get at Olive Garden.  The alfredo sauce was super thick and flavorful, the pasta was cooked to perfection, and the chicken had a nice crisp on it, it was an absolutely perfect dish.

Josie had a similar dish with he order of Fettuccini Carbonara ($14.99).  Her pasta was really just an alfredo with some extra stuff in it, not a true cabonara, but the pasta was cooked to perfection.

Besides the great flavors in our dishes, they were also huge.  I was really hungry, and I still had enough for dinner the next night, Josie, and the other two people with us got an additional two meals out of the one plate - all for a reasonable price.

Service was great, with our waitress cracking a joke or two and interacting well with our group.

So with the great service and tasty dishes Canali's gets a good review, but losses points for the fake cabonara and inflexibility to adjust to simple subsitutions. - 4 Forks.

Click 'read more' below to see pictures of their Cavatellit with a tomato basil cream sauce and their Linguini Loisa.


IMG 20130525 202444

IMG 20130525 202508

Fettuccini Alfredo with Chicken

Fettuccini Carbonara


IMG 20130525 202514

IMG 20130525 202519

Cavatelli with Tomato Basil Cream Sauce

Linguini Loisa