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Defazio's is located at 266 4th Street in Troy. It can be kind of tricky to get to, given some of Troy's surrounding one-way streets, but well worth the trip.

Brian and I were in the mood for homemade pasta, so I went searching. DaFazio's popped up several times, which made us want to know more. Brian did his research and made resevations for the two of us (highly, highly recommended!). As you walk up, you'll notice there are two sides to DeFazio's; the market, and the pizzeria/restaurant.

When we walked in, we immediately knew why reservations came highly recommended. There were all of 6 tables, with a lot of business coming from delivery and takeout orders.

We were greeted immediately by a very nice gentleman behind the counter. He indicated our table, and came right over to get us situated. He explained the menu options, gave us the specials, and also told us that if there's a combination we wanted that wasn't represented in one specific dish on the menu, to let them know. Since their dishes are made fresh in house, combinations aren't a problem.

Our waitress greeted us a little later. We asked some questions (including what dishes were her favorite). Not only was she conversational, but she was knwledgeable and eager to assist. Brian ordered the Cajun Chicken Alfredo, while I ordered the Fettucine Rosario with a side of Meatballs.

All entrees come with garlic bread, and a piping hot basket of the homemade deliciousness was delivered to our table. I don't know what they do to their garlic bread, but it was buttery, garlicky, seasoned, and amazing.

Our entrees made their debut, piping hot, and we dug in. Brian's Cajun Chicken Alfredo was done very well. The chicken was moist, and the sauce had a really nice kick. A couple of critiques were the roasted red peppers which weren't listed as coming with the dish, and Brian's pasta was a little more al dente than he would have preferred.

I'm a fan of al dente, so I loved the chew on my fettucine. The meatballs were amazingly moist, and the sauce blend of alfredo and marinara was exactly what I was looking for. My one critique is that the dish could've used a touch of salt, and there was none on the table.

Our service was second to none. Even given how busy and jam packed the restaurant was, no less than three employees came over to make sure we were doing okay, asking us how we liked our dishes. One of DeFazio's long time regular customers (25 years) even took time out to chat with us and share his favorite meals.

Everything about this small intimate setting, with tasty scratch made food, makes us anxious to return for their pizzas. All of our research points to their pizzas as being "must haves," not the least of which included seeing the piping hot masterpieces being delivered to nearby tables. Given the same crust, DeFazio's will even do half of one specialty pizza on one side, and half of another specialty pizza on the other. No pizzeria we've encountered has offered to do that.

This place is a gem. We'll be back. The service was stellar, the food was tasty, and the atmosphere was as welcoming as you can get. There are lots of good things coming out of DeFazio's.

PS - 1) They only take cash or checks (no plastic). 2) You can bring your own alcohol. Wine has a small $2 per person corkage fee.



Fettucine Rosario w/Meatballs

Cajun Chicken Alfredo