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B-Rads Bistro - Brunch

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Josie and I often do some homework ahead of time to find a place we want to try out.  I identified a cafe in Troy, so we ventured out for a Saturday morning breakfast.  Of course the place I picked was closed for renovations, so we went wandering around Troy looking for a place for a late breakfast.  We eventually settled on B-rads Bistro.  We haven't reviewed a buffet yet, as they are hard to review - food tends to be prepared early on, and kept warm in chafing dishes.  So you typically don't get a restaurants 'A-game', but it does give one the ability to try a variety of different food from a place.  So, please keep in mind that this is a review of their buffet, and should bear little insight to how their normal food is.

When we walked in, a staff member came up to us and explained how the buffet works.  All you can eat from the buffet, serve yourself drinks (Orange, and Cranberry juice and coffee) for $12.  They also had papers you could fill out to have a custom omelet and salad made by the chef and brought to you.  The buffet itself consisted of three dishes with warm food including bacon, sausage, hash browns, stuffed french toast, breakfast quesadillas, meatballs and a pasta dish.  There were also plates of pastries and fruit to pick from.

The different options were original, not just the same typical stuff you would find at a brunch buffet.  The food was on the dry side and most of it lacked the seasoning we would have liked.  Josie's favorites were the breakfast quesadilla, and the meatballs.  I thought all the food on the buffet was ok, but not spectacular.  My favorite would be the omelet they made with the ingredients I chose.

Like I said when I began this review, buffets are hard to review.  I'm not sure it would be possible for even the best of buffets to get a perfect 5 fork rating.  B-rad had some great staff working there and made a decent omelet, but overall the experience was just ok, we most likely wouldn't go again for the buffet.  I would be interested in trying out their regular weekday menu or their catering in the future.  I would guess their creative menu ideas would be quite good fresh.


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Buffet setup Food from buffet
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Made to order omelet