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Nosh (Brunch)

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We have previously reviewed Nosh for their lunches and dinners, but since they recently started serving Brunch on Sundays, we decided to drop by for another visit.

Lets just jump right into this one.  I ordered the steak and eggs.  I have never, ever sent a dish back in a restaurant, but after a bite of the steak, I sent the dish back, saying I didn't want anything else.  The steak was soaked in a horrible marinade that made every bite so bitter, it was almost impossible to swallow.  Since I was forced to go through that torture, I made sure to give a piece to Josie just to be able to laugh at her as she spit it out.  The steak was also overdone.  The eggs were cooked fine, but not seasoned at all.  The hashbrowns were cooked well, and were seasoned, making them the only thing that would have been worth eating at all on the plate (besides the fruit and the bread).  Aweful.

I will say that shortly after I returned it, the owner came out and said he tried the steak and agreed it was horrible and over marinated.  He brought me a replacement dish of ham and eggs, which was fine, but I didn't factor it into the review since it wasn't the dish I had ordered.

Josie ordered the stuffed French toast with strawberries and cream cheese.  The french toast was good, but the cream cheese was just globbed in the middle, and it wasn't really a stuffed French toast, just French toast with stuff in the middle.

We also ordered a side of their homemade corned beef hash.  It was a little on the greasy side, but had a good flavor and was cooked so that it had a light crunch to it.

Service was fine, we were greeted quickly and our server was attentive and polite, even after I sent my meal back.

I'd like to think that if I hadn't ordered the dish I did, that this would have been a mediocre to average place for breakfast on a Sunday, but serving a dish that is completely inedible earns Nosh a 2 fork rating.


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IMG 20130623 102925

Steak and Eggs

Strawberry Stuffed French Toast

IMG 20130623 102913

IMG 20130623 104448

Corned Beef Hash

Replacement Meal - Ham and Eggs