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Four Corners

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We were looking for a good breakfast place somewhere in Delmar, so we could hit up the Cheese Traveler on the way back home, a quick search brought up Four Corners Luncheonette.  Known for it's creative menu and quality food, we figured it would be a good spot for a nice breakfast.

It is a smaller place, with a homely feel.  We only had to wait a few minutes until a table was cleared off for us, but I can see waiting for quite some time at it's busy points.

I ordered a dish off their specials menu called Oreo Cakes ($8), it was two buttermilk pancakes with crumbled Winter Oreos inside and cinnamon butter sauteed apples and craisins on top.   It was served with real maple syrup.  They used a ton of oreos in the pancakes, which really gave them a strong and amazing flavor.  The apples and craisons on top were also very good, tasted almost like a chunky apple sauce.  Unfortunately, I thought the apples overpowered the oreo pancakes, so I ended up taking the apples off and eating them separately.  The real maple syrup is always a nice touch.

Josie ordered the Ovos Vasco Da Gama ($10), three eggs scrambled with chorizo, tomatoes, peppers, onions and mozzarella cheese.  Served with homefries and toast.  She absolutely loved this dish  The flavors in the eggs worked together great.  She would order this again in a heartbeat.  Her only complaint about the dish is that the homefries were not seasoned and bland.

We love our homemade hash, so we also ordered a side of their Red Flannel Hash ($5), grilled diced western russet potatoes, onions, peppers, and corned beef.  Also very good, if you have never had hash not out of a can, you really should try it.  This dish was great, but if I were making it, I would add a bit less peppers, as there was more peppers than any other ingredient, and it took over the dish a little bit.

Four Corners Luncheonette is a very relaxed environment, so not the place to go if you are in a rush, but they do feature a creative menu as well as the classics for a reasonable price.


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Red Flannel Hash
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Oreo Pancakes

Ovos Vasco Da Gama