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IMG 20121121 193709Barnsider is located right off Wolf Road in Colonie, it is your typical steakhouse, and runs on the expensive side.

I ordered the Lobster Casserole with sirloin.  The lobster casserrole is just a ton of lobster, with crackers and butter.  It is really simple, but really good, although the lobster was a bit overcooked.  The sirloin was very small and while ordered medium rare, had parts that were well done, and parts cooked perfectly.  The sirloin had great flavor, and while cooked more than I would like, was still quite tender.  The dish costs $32, which is a lot to pay for this dish.

Josie ordered the Beef Wellington.  She descibed it as cooked perfectly, tender, and having a great flavor.  Her only complaint with her dish was that the rice pilaf was overcooked.  Her dish cost $27 which is also a bit pricey for what you get.

Service was slightly on the slow side, but another waiter stepped in to help out when ours got busy, and it was a bit busy, so the small delay in the kitchen was understandable.  They also have a salad bar included with an entree.  It is a smaller salad bar, offering about 10 salad ingredients as well as cheese and warm bread you cut yourself.  Not amaing, but a nice option to have.


IMG 20121121 190030 IMG 20121121 190042
Lobster Casserole and Sirloin Beef Wellington