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Farmer Boy

IMG 20121201 113736Farmer Boy is located on Central Ave, just past 155 headed west.  It has your traditional diner feel to it

Our dining experience got off to a bad start.  When we first walked in, it took a couple of minutes for anyone to greet us, and when the hostess brought us to our table, she seemed stressed, and unwelcoming.  Things took a turn for the better after this.

I ordered a sausage and cheese omelet, it came with hash browns.  The omelet was cooked perfectly, still moist, but not runny.  It had plenty of sausage and cheese that was evenly distributed, a perfect omelet.  Hash browns were cooked fine, slightly crunchy and soft, but lacked any type of seasoning.

Josie ordered the cinnamon raisin french toast.  It was supposed to be on challah bread, but clearly wasn't.  It was cooked fine, and had a good flavor.  Often with french toast, the batter doesn't always soak all the way through the bread, leaving a small area in the center untouched, that wasn't the case at Farmer Boy, it was thoroughly battered.

Our waitress told us that their corned beef hash was made in house, so we had to try it.  It was clearly not from a can.  It had a great ratio of corned beef to potatoes, and they added onions for extra flavor.  It was cooked perfectly.

Service (not counting the hostess) was great, and while it isn't within the scope of what we review, I do want to mention that Farmer Boy is active in the community.

IMG 20121201 120104
Corned Beef Hash
IMG 20121201 120054

IMG 20121201 120101

Sausage and Cheese Omelet

Cinnamon French Toast