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Tesoro (Guilderland Location)

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Tesoro Italian Restaurant in Guilderland is located in 20 Mall on Western Avenue. When you walk in, the restaurant is broken up into the bar area to the right, and the formal dining room to the left that curves into an "L" shape.

Brian and I have been to Tesoro on many occasions and have always had a consistent experience. So, this time, we came to review. We started with a fresh Caprese Salad (homemade mozzarella), and homemade Arancini for appetizers. For entrees, I ordered the Veal & Shrimp Oreganato special, and Brian ordered the Homemade Cheese Ravioli special.

Service was fast, efficient, and friendly, which it's always been in times past and we were glad it still remained consistent. The appetizers were out of this world. The Caprese was fresh, light, enjoyable, and artfully done. The arancini had my mouth watering. It was to die for. The risotto was full of flavor, which was only complemented by the house marinara. I enjoyed these arancini more than the ones we had at Johny's. This was the burst of flavor I wished those had had.

Our entrees arrived, and there were mixed reviews but more positive than not. My dish was spectacular. The veal and shrimp were cooked perfectly, and the wine and sherry sauce was delightful. The penne (though not homemade) was cooked to a perfect al dente. My only critique would be that the tomatoes added nothing to the dish. All of the flavors stood up so well, and were so perfect together, that the tomatoes were basically the 3rd wheel to the party.

Brian's homemade ravioli special was done perfectly. The homemade ravioli had wonderful texture, the tomato cream sauce was nice and mild, and the cheese filling (I believe it was ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan) was very tasty. The problem was with the value. For $21.50, the dish had only 7 pieces of ravioli. While this may be debatable for some, Tesoro's Lobster Ravioli is also $21.50 and comes with 7 pieces as well. The Lobster Ravioli, and the Cheese Ravioli, are priced the same, for the same quantity, in the same sauce. I find that to be just ... wrong.

Aside from those critiques, Tesoro is a spectacular dining experience with wonderful food. While we're sure to return again, we'll probably think twice before ordering ravioli.


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Caprese Salad


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Veal & Shrimp Oreganato (Special)

Cheese Ravioli (Special)